December 18, 2018

Kelsey Swokowski

Kelsey Swokowski

Vice President of Commercial Banking

As a professional bodybuilder who started her first business at just thirteen years old, Kelsey is a hardworking Commercial Banker who means business. Specializing in commercial loans, lines of credit, and equipment financing, she will be working with the commercial team at Riverland Bank to develop and grow strong business relationships with clients.

What attracted you to Riverland Bank?

I wanted who I am to align with where I go to work every day. I am very passionate about being active and involved in the community, so coming to work at Riverland Bank seemed like a perfect fit. Community plays a huge role in the bank because it’s all about giving time and energy and caring for others. The people here are very passionate about what they do and really care for their customers. Every bank has loans. Every bank has deposit accounts. What really sets this bank apart is the people and their commitment to community.

What’s unique about a community bank like Riverland?

At a traditional bank, clients need to fit in a box. With a community bank, you can look outside of the box. The unique ways we work with businesses provide a lot of opportunity for success. That’s what we’re here for, is to help the business owners succeed and the ability to be creative in that is very appealing to me.

What does Riverland Bank do best?

Riverland Bank has an incredible focus on the customer. We go outside of the box and try different things. We are also very strategic and careful when it comes to growth to make sure that we’re are always putting the customer first. It’s never about personal agendas at Riverland Bank. It’s always about the customer.

What types of business do you specialize in?

Being a female in commercial lending is not very common and having been a business owner myself I have a strong passion for working with female-owned and operated businesses. Also with my background as a licensed nutritionist, I have a love for food. I really enjoy working with food manufacturers or anyone that does anything with food. I just find it to be so fascinating!

I also like a challenge. I feel fulfilled knowing that I’ve helped a business and earned their trust. Taking the time to establish a strong relationship is vital to success, because it’s not just about business, it’s about caring and communication.

Tell us a little bit about your own community.

I’m actually the Presidential Chair of the Economic Development Commission for the City Council of Anoka. We do a lot work with the chambers, but my big thing is food. My family volunteers with Meals on Wheels. I also donate a portion of every paycheck to HOPE 4 Youth, an organization providing pathways to end youth homelessness in Anoka. Giving back fulfills me. Having success on your own doesn’t really matter if you’re not making it worthwhile for the greater good.