January 15, 2018

Zach Busch Employee Feature

Zach Busch

Vice President of Commercial Deposits

As Vice President of Commercial Deposits, Zach brings his deep expertise in cash management to the Riverland team. In parallel with our organizational values, he considers providing exceptional customer service to be the backbone of his approach. Zach looks to first thoroughly understand our customer’s business’ needs before creating a unique cash management game plan specific to solving their requests.

What’s your focus at Riverland Bank?

Number one is offering great customer service. Number two is partnership. We work as an advisor to educate our clients on the best approach to banking in relation to their unique needs–from different products to different accounts and their structure. Some customers come to us and know exactly what kind of account or account structure they need. Other clients look to us for guidance, but regardless of their specific needs we always strive to deliver exceptional service.

In banking, what is the importance of relationships?

The most important part of my job is building a strong relationship team for each client. Opposite of many big banks, our clients generally don’t have just one banker. We establish a team of bankers to accommodate their needs and help our clients reach their goals and milestones. That team-based approach is one of the things that really attracted me to Riverland Bank and it definitely makes us a valuable partner. It’s not just about one banker and one client. It’s about a personal network of support, collaboration and trust.

How did you get into banking?

I sort of fell into it. I actually went to school to study criminal justice with the plan to become a police officer. Halfway through the program I picked up a job working at a bank as a teller. I was very intrigued by the structure of a banking organization and what it offers. I’m a very social person and I discovered that banking was a great fit for that. I’ve had the opportunity to build so many connections within the community, within the bank, and with clients, which makes my job very rewarding. The relationship aspect is ultimately what attracted me to pursue a career in the field of banking.

What makes community banks unique?

From the customer’s perspective, a community bank can offer sustainability. At Riverland Bank, we don’t pass around clients from banker to banker. Just like anything else in life, once you build a relationship with somebody it makes it that much easier to get together or get a request finalized. It enables us to provide better service and guidance. It’s not only about servicing the client’s financial needs, but also having the ability to offer sound advice under any circumstance.

What attracted you to Riverland Bank?

The reason I joined the Riverland team after working at a bigger bank is that their values align with my own. We make it a priority when we’re working with customers or prospecting new business to ensure that our values align with theirs, which sets the foundation for a prosperous relationship.

What does community mean to you?

Community is collaborating with everyone around us striving towards a similar goal. It’s about helping our neighbors and the businesses we serve. It’s about working with other community leaders and bettering the environment around us.

What are your other passions?

I enjoy the outdoors, spending time at my lake cabin, fishing and hunting. I’m also a new dad and love to spend time with my family, my son, my wife, and our dog, Duke. Like most bankers, I also enjoy golfing.

Any final thoughts?

I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the team here at Riverland. I find a deep interest in the technology of cash management and its continuous evolution. After all, you can’t spell Zach without A-C-H!