Patriot Converting a Team of Veterans


Brian and Mike Stillwell, together, own and operate a family run paper converting business that has operations spanning the upper midwest.

Patriot Converting was originally founded by Brian after leaving the National Guard and knowing that going into business for himself was the correct path. Mike had always been in and around the family business and after a six year stint in the Army Reserves he joined his father full time at Patriot Converting.

Brian and Mike applied many of the skills and leadership principles they learned while in the service to the growth and strategy of their business. At the core, their business is built around the central tenant of serving their customer.

In Need of a Financial Partner


Patriot Converting had always been on an upward trajectory of growth, but recently that success accelerated. As the company grew so did their financing and service requirements. Patriot Converting had positioned themselves in the market as a best in class service provider and needed that same level of support from their banking relationship.

As Patriot Converting sought out a new banker they had several requirements in mind, any bank they worked with needed to have.


  1. The resources to grow with them as their business grew.
  2. A commitment to learn about their business to be in a position to quickly make decisions.
  3. An implicit trust in their partner and their ability to communicate candidly.

A Partnership Built to Last


The team at Riverland Bank, led by Gary White, connected with Patriot Converting through a mutually known veteran in the community and instantly came to a common understanding about what it meant to do business together.

In the team at Riverland, Patriot Converting found a bank, that like them, was experiencing accelerating growth, was well capitalized to meet their growing needs, had the ability to quickly analyze and make decisions about emerging opportunities and finally they knew they could trust them and their advice over the life of the relationship.

Contact Riverland Bank

Matter of fact, there I was, and one of the guys said ‘well, I know a banker that actually is a military minded guy—‘ he came back and had Gary come over and talk to us and we hit it off immediately and everything we wanted to do together as a team and what we needed and what he needed.

Brian Stilwell

CEO, Patriot Converting