October 31, 2017

Heath Stanton Employee Feature

Heath Stanton

Executive Vice President – Commercial Banking

Specializing in all types of commercial loans including lines of credit, equipment financing, leveraged lending and acquisition financing, Heath serves on the executive leadership team of Riverland Bank and works out of our Minneapolis office.

Tell us about your personal journey.

I’ve been in banking for a long time, over 17 years. I grew up in California and went to college there, but I was born in Minnesota and came back here to get my MBA at the University of Minnesota. I’ve gained a lot of experience over the years working at banks of different sizes and recently found a home here at Riverland.

What’s unique about community banks?

With a community bank, you get more personal service and human interaction. I call myself a relationship lender. It’s about understanding my client’s business. What type of customers do you have? Where are you going with your business? What are your banking needs based on what you’re doing? I need to understand that so I can provide the best level of service. Relationship lending is a key component of community banking.

What’s unique about Riverland Bank?

We’re not a traditional community bank. We’re a boutique commercial community bank. We offer sophistication at a level not seen by other banks our size. We’re entrepreneurial, nimble, fun, quick and at the same time a little bit different.

What areas of banking do you specialize in?

My niche in the banking world is C&I lending, commercial and industrial. I work on lines of credit, business loans, and acquisitions with all types of businesses from manufacturing to food, IT companies, service businesses, and more.

What excites you about the new Minneapolis branch?

Entering a new market. Being a nontraditional bank is really attractive to me and it’s also attractive to customers. We’re a highly experienced team of top notch bankers, which allows us to think differently. There’s no box that clients must fit into. At Riverland Bank, we develop custom solutions to meet our customer’s needs.

What does “personal touch” mean to you?

Personal touch is about rolling up my sleeves, understanding my client’s business needs, and carrying their flag within my bank to get things done on their behalf. Teamwork is very important to me and I make it a point to collaborate with all of my clients on a personal level in order to create financial solutions specific to their needs.