Veterans Are Armed for Entrepreneurial Success

Success Rate Near Double

Success Rate of Veteran led Businesses is Near Double that of their Non-Veteran Counterparts

Comfort with Autonomy and Uncertainty

All Volunteer Force, High Levels of Efficacy, Strong Comfort with Autonomy and Uncertainty and Dynamic Decision Capability.

Advance Team Building Skills

Experience Working in Diverse Settings & Advanced Team Building Skills

Veteran Lending Expert

Gary White (Vice President of Commercial Banking) and our team at Riverland know what it means to wear the uniform. We value the time and effort you have invested in the service; to us that truly means something. Now let us show you what we mean when we say we value your military service. Reach out to our team and setup a time to walk through your business banking needs.

What You Need



You need a partner, not a transactional relationship. A banker needs to be involved in the growth of the business so that they are there, through the ups and downs to offer advice and counsel when called on.



You need a bank that has the background and context to understand not only what is happening in your business today but what is around the corner. We will make a commitment to understand you business, industry and sector.


Operational Excellence

Business can be and often is both complex and increasingly chaotic, it is important for you to know that you have a partner that can quickly move through their decision loop to give you an answer or expertise in a manner that allows you to affect an outcome

What We Offer


A Community Lending Partner

Riverland Bank is a community bank and knows that the success of its members is a requirement for the success of the bank. Know that we will will stay involved in your financial needs through the ebbs and flows of your business


100+ Combined Years of Financial Expertise

The team at Riverland has the financial experience to know and understand the context within which your business operates. Our experience spans decades and encompasses all industries. Know that when there is a need to call for our opinion we will have likely seen it before.


A Track Record of Success

Our team is structured to make decisions quickly. We stay engaged with our businesses through out the life of the relationship so there is no time lost ‘getting up to speed’ when an opportunity arises. Add to that our expertise, lean nature and experience will make sure that you are not waiting long for an answer from us.

We Understand the Market

Whether it is local, state or national programs there are many resources available to assist veterans in the founding, operating or growing phase of their business.

We, at Riverland Bank, have taken the time to learn about each of them and can help advise and direct you to the most relevant opportunity for your veteran led business.

A Team of Veterans

From helping provide strategic guidance at the board level to servicing the customer we, at Riverland, have a team of Veteran service members that are focused on servicing our business clients.

Pat Knight and Jacob Kulzer are both Veterans and Directors on the Riverland Bank Board and Howard Gilles, our Vice President of Credit, interacts with customers in evaluating new loan opportunities.

Service is in Our DNA

Yes, it is true that veterans are engaged at all levels our company but it is also true that many of our employees are the sons and daughters or fathers and mothers of service members.

When talking with us, veteran or not, you can know that it is likely we have experienced the highs and lows of military family life.

Our Bankers Understand

As a veteran business owner you understand what it means to accomplish the mission, our bankers do too.

Gary White, is one of several veterans employed at Riverland and one of the Senior Bankers on our team prepared and ready to help your business grow.

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